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Get to know some of the smiling faces that make it happen here at Barker Specialty!

Sales Team

Program Fulfillment Team

Accounting Department

Jackie Jackson, Grace Deschino, Darlene Bowen, Mary Findorak, Lorna Hartenstein, Laura Corchado, Rose Lagasse (not pictured)

Warehouse Department

Brian Lind, John Fede, Jane Leukart, Robert Rubino, Bryan Sheehan, Jerry Taylor, Corey Lind, Jennifer Brigham, Josh Burkhardt, Jake Cantito

Graphic Design Team

Kevin Gunning, Alexia Jandreau (not pictured), Josh Pegg (not pictured)

Technology/Web Services

Mark Dondero, Adam Youngquist, Todd Zipadelli

Awards Department

Jack Vincent, Dave Lincoln, Art Carbone