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Custom Web Stores

Barker Specialty Company is a pioneer in having in-house capabilities to build and host Custom Web Stores for our customers.

Why have a Custom Web Store for your company?

A Custom Web Store is the best way to promote Brand Recognition for your company. Whether it's the salesperson that needs 100 umbrellas for a trade show in Cleveland, or an employee who wants to proudly display the company logo on a sweatshirt, the Custom Web Store is the simplest, easiest, and most cost effective way to go.

For years, Barker Specialty Company has designed and developed a host of customized web stores to serve our client's needs. Our in-house Web Development and Graphic Design professionals will work with you to develop a customized store featuring the products you wish to promote.

Our development team has many pre-built components to draw from, such as shopping carts, product organizers (searches, filters, categories, price ranges) and registered user accounts. This aids in the rapid development of an online catalog using Barker-developed, time-tested, proven web objects. Barker Specialty Company Web Development stays up to date with the latest technologies such as ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX and Flash/ActionScript. We can host a simple catalog on our www.BarkerStores.com domain or setup a dedicated IP address for your custom catalog domain.

We can also build a new catalog or modify your existing online catalogs for PunchOut to integrate with B2B hubs such as Ariba, Oracle, ProcureIT and more.

And it's safe, all of our sites are protected with 128bit SSL encryption by GeoTrust.

Let us build one for you. For information on how you can have your own Custom Web Store, contact Gerald Barker.

Gerald Barker Gerald Barker
Location: Cheshire, CT
(203) 272-2222 x237
[email protected]
Custom Web Stores

Custom Web Stores